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Rituals of Healing

An invitiation to experience the beauty of life through the flowering of your own Inner Radience!
Welcome to Blomkraft Esthetics! After spending over a decade studying many alternative health sciences & avenues of personal growth including herbalism, energy healing, yoga, skin care & nutrition I am thrilled to offer my renewing & beautifying serves to the public in the heart of one of the most magical places on earth, Asheville North Carolina!

My work as a yogi, healer & esthetician is a synergistic combination of all that I have learned about living a blissful embodied life combined with current science & emerging knowledge.

So often in our culture taking care of our body-temples is highly underprioritized. When I was a single mother, waitress & student for many years-always going going going-anytime I would slow down, I would get sick, as soon as my body knew it could afford the break! This process of detoxifing & unwinding is the bodies natural mechanism to deal with accumalated stress. However, when we take the time to clear our systems of stress, both physical & emotional, on a regular basis, our time off doesn't have to turn into a sick day!

This is why I feel rituals of healing are so important to be included in life's routines, not just as pampered indulgences. And for this reason I seek to keep my services affordable for those who need them most...everyone!

The ancient practices of cleansing & renewal that we now associate with the spa experience, where origianlly intended not as mere digressions into vanity, but as sacred embodiment practices to keep the body & the soul functioning together in a way that creates a truely blissful experience of life!

Thus the intention & focus of my work, with the help of many magical allys-such as gemstones, flower essences, herbs, mantras, etc-isto facilitate the experience of ease & bliss in the body-temples of those I am working with. And I believe it is important to remember that the beautifying practices of esthetics are not about trying to alter or fix oneself, but to uncover the inherent radiance that is your true nature when your channels are clear & prana is flowing freely!

So wheather you are getting a bikini wax, a Jin Shin Jyutsu session, or practicing yoga with me, I am honored to offer you a transformative & healing experience in a personalized & nurturing setting. Do not hesitate to seek the support you need & deserve!

In Gratitude
~Binah Love~

feet on the earth, emboided joy, sacred life, power of floewrs!

Cleanse & Renew
  • Natural Elements Customized Facial with Hand & Foot Massage
  • Signature Facials
    • ​'Rituals of Healing' Reiki Facial
    • Face-Lift Flow Facial
  • Specialty Facials
    • ​Anti-Aging
    • Acne
    • Hydrating
    • ​Firming
    • ​Brightening
  • Legs
  • Underarm
  • Eyebrows/Face
  • Bikini/Brazilian
  • Deep Roots Foot Scrub 
  • Healing Sessions (see below)
  • ​Gold Tara Deluxe Facial & Full Body Rejuvenation Treatment
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Energy Healing

Relax & Unwind

Jin Shin Juytsu
Jin Shin Juytsu is an ancient form of hands on healing that combines the polarity of the hands with an intricate mapping of the energy channels in the body (merridians). This Healing Art helps to restore balance for the recipiant on many levels: physical, mental, emotional & spiritual. JSJ is not a physical manipulation of tissue & only uses minimal pressure. The hands are used as 'jumper cables' to redirect or unblock the flow of energy between specific points in the body. A session lasts about one hour, the reciever remains clothed lying face up on the table, the practioner listens to the energy pulses in the wrists & then employs a harmonizing sequence or 'flow' appropriate for unblocking particular pathways & restoring the recievers energy to the rythm of the universe.
A 'flow' is a series of hand placements combined that stimulates circulation of energy along a given pathway. There are many such pathways in the body, each with a distinct function or essence. JSJ is used in hospitals both internationally and in the US as a form of alternative medicine. It can bring relief when dealing with long term chronic conditions. The most commom affect of a JSJ session is that of stress relief, deep relaxation & a sense of rejuvenation.

JSJ Session 
Series of 5 or more
$45 each

BANA Reiki
~Reiki of the Heart~
This is also originally a Japanese Healing technique to bring about stress reduction, relaxation & healing. The form of this Art that most are familiar with began in the 1920's with Dr. Mikao Usui, and has evolved since in many countries in many ways. Reiki involves the channeling of energy by means of hands on touch to activate the natural healing processes of the receiver's body restoring physical & emotional well-being. BANA Reiki is a system that involves the activation of certain energy centers within both the physical and non-physical body (energy body) of the recipient and infusing them with more higher-self qualities of love, compassion & non-attachment. 'Birthing the Angelic Nature Activations' BANA Reiki is for those ready to step into their own highest potential Self and transform their lives from within!

BANA Reiki Session
Sliding Scale $45-$65 

Soul Centered Healing

Transformational healing sessions that dive deeply into the realm of the Soul to help in releasing old wounds & activate purpose. Sessions include guided mediation/journeying & working with the energy centers in the body (chakras) to release blockages to Self Realization. They may also include the use of sound medicine & mantra as well as flower essences & gem stone medicine, to connect the reciever with the forces of nature that can help sustain long term healing.

SCH Session
Sliding Scale $75-$125
(for 1-2 hrs and follow up)

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Flower Essences
include a flower essence with any session $15

Cacao medicine has been growing in popularity as people seek new ways of opening to connection that don't leave them feeling worse than before the night began!

Cacao is a stimulant but when used with intention & especially along with practices that increase sensitivity to subtle energy, this heart opeing medicine can be very effective for internal growth work.

*Cacao ceremonies include creating sacred space (invoking presence & support), heart sharing, devotional chanting & more.

*Ceremonial Cacao formulas & herbal medicine truffles allow you to bring the magic home for personal enrichment or to share with others!

*Individual Cacao Healing Sessions also availble by appointment .


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Call in the Light

Sri Vidya Tantra Yoga
the experience of the human body is a very special one indeed. In this form we have the opportunity to learn in grow...
Tantric Yoga is the path of embodiment, of embracing the beauty & bliss that is inherent in creation, that we have the opportunity to know &n experience as humans. More Info
Classes at Violet Owl Wellness
Tue ~ Candlelit Restorative & Sound 7:45-9pm
Thur ~ Gentle Yoga & Pranayama

New Energy Healing Course Offering at Violet Owl Wellness
62 Wall St. Asheville NC 28801

Binah Love
Binah has lived in Asheville NC since 2002, studying Energy Healing, Herbalism & Yoga, while raising her two children. Initiated in the path of Sri Vidya Yoga, her passion lies is in creating beauty in every aspect of life, while gaining in knowledge in these ancient methods of self transformation & awakening. She currenlty runs her own business, Blomkraft Esthetics, offering skin care services & healing sessions, teaches yoga & holds monthly Cacao Ceremonies at Violet Owl Wellness.

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